My first campleader expirience.

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My first campleader expirience.  04.12.2017 00:22

I’ve been to the UK’s camp many times. Although, only on previous week I had an opportunity to go to the November session but not as a child anymore! And in this article I will tell about this remarkable experience.

When you go as a child, you don’t know what to expect. Only theme of the camp is published and nothing else. This gives you an opportunity to believe in a fairytale and every time a new one. During a camp every child gets an opportunity to make new friends. You may be surprised, but it doesn’t differ when you come as a camp leader!

Moreover, when you are a child the only thing you need to prepare is your luggage, but when you are a camp leader, except your baggage your game and props for it must be prepared. And what is more important – you need to prepare yourself, because next week or three weeks are not going to be easy and serene.

Every day, I had to take care of the kids, play outside games. Also there were some daily routines as going to classes. While doing all of the above (not at the same time),  I had to prepare my game.     

As for my game, it was hilarious territory game for teens. There were tasks: throw a pinecone into the circle, solve some hard and unobvious riddles, jump over a skipping rope, go thru the labyrinth blindfolded and some other fun stuff. Almost everything went perfect. Anyway, teens really liked my game.

When I was going home, I have felt relief after a week of work with kids. Although, I felt regret of coming to normal life after a week of fairytale.

As for my expectations, I was not about kids listening to me, but it turned out much easier than I thought! Also I was really tired, which I haven’t thought of.  

All in all this was a great experience. I saw the camp life behind the scenes and put my leadership skills under a hard test. Moreover, I have learnt that sometimes there is no need to do perfect, there is need to do it fast!


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