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Конкурс рассказов (Story writing) - лучшие истории февраля!  13.03.2016 13:00

Мы отобрали четыре лучших рассказа - по одному из каждой недели февраля - чтобы поделиться с вами, и поддержать всех участников! Мы очень ждем ваших новых историй!


Лучший автор первой недели - Лена Класс, вот ее история:

There was a ship in a bottle on my grandfather's bookshelf. The ship was too old, older than me and my sister. I really liked to look at it and to imagine stories. Here is my story.
Once upon a time a young and strong prince called Zeno ran away from his castle. He was so tired because everybody said what he needed to do. He made many friends, but they left him. Only a poor boy Ao stayed with the prince. Together they found a crew and a ship called "Deadly Soul" and then they became pirates. They robbed only bad people. Boys had a lot of amazing adventures. They were so happy because of freedom and life without any rules.|
Hah, I want the same life.


Лучший автор второй недели - Соня Воронкова, и ее история:

The sun was setting down into the ocean. I stood on the deck and watched it. The sky was full of different colours: pink, orange, yellow. There were some clouds. Also I could see faintly shining stars. When I turned I saw the moon. The sky there was dark blue, the stars were shining with all their brightness. The contrast was so big! I have never seen such beauty!
With a sigh I went back to the cabin. 'I will remember this sky forever', - I said to myself.



Лучший автор третьей недели - Соня Смолина, вот ее рассказ:

I found it on the beach. It was a diamond in a shape of a cube. I thought it was a box because there was a little keyhole. I brought the box home and laid my tools, pins and paper clips. I tried to open it for a long time, but everything was unsuccessful. Soo I left this idea and put the box into my shed.
A lot of time passed since then, I got acquainted with a charming guy, married him. When he moved to me, we should have emptied a shed from old stuff, then I found a mysterious box. I showed it to my husband, but I didn't understand why he jumped up at once and escaped somewhere. In 15 minutes he returned to our room, having something held in hand at heart. It was the key! We opened the box. There was a note 'To find the door, doesn't mean to open it. Everything takes time and effort'
Next to the note was a chrystal ball. We understood that it was only the beginning of our adventure...



Лучший автор четвертой недели февраля - снова Соня Воронкова:

I became a pirate when I was very young. I have only few memories how I became it.It was late autumn. My mother and I stood on the porch. Suddenly a man appeared from the bushes. He took me with him, my mother tried to stop him, but the man pulled her and ran away with me. We came to the port and got on a ship, a pirate ship.
After years I finally became a pirate. I remember neither my mother's face nor a face of the man who brought me to the ship, he went away...
Someday, I hope, I'll become a captain.


Спасибо всем ребятам за интересные рассказы. Надеемся, что март принесет нам новые истории и новых победителей!



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