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Конкурс рассказов (Story writing) - лучшие истории марта!  10.04.2016 12:00

Этот март выдался полным праздников и каникул, поэтому в этот раз у нас только три победителя недели в конкурсе Story Writing, но их истории очень разнообразны и интересны, каждая по своему!

Итак, наш первый победитель марта - Александра Дембо, вот ее замечательная история:

Man overboard! - all my ship yelled.All pirates were running and screaming and crying. I couldn't do anything but I was the captain of the ship so I said:
- Be quiet! You are pirates not pigs on a pan! Let's do something. We need to save this man.
Then my team took a rope and gave it to that poor man. We put the man on our ship and we asked: "What's your name, man?"
He said:
"I'm Jack Sparrow!"


Победителем второй недели марта становится Лена Класс с рассказом:

It was a typical treasure island, just like from the movie. I swam to the shore and jumped out of the boat. My feet were wet, it didn't matter, I ran and I ran. I was happy! Finally I found that treasure island!
The sand was like gold under my feet. Getting darker, the stars, like precious stones, lit in the sky. All the inhabitants of the jungle began falling asleep. I pulled the boat and decided to sleep and later - to go to find adventures! And a treasure, of course.
I need it to cure my mom. Hope, tomorrow it will be a nice day...
Little disabled boy was lying in his bed. This dream was the best and... the last which the child saw. He spent about a month in bed. Disease spares no one. Only the strongest survive.


Победителем последней недели марта становится Юля Ткачук и ее история:

You can call me John. I'm a pirate. I grew up around this life, teeming with pirates and other restricted people. When I was seven I swore to myself that I would be a pirate. So I kept my oath. Now I'm swimming on a ship called "Black Revenge" with my crew. Many people say that the word "pirate" is associated with murders and sea sickness. They are right. But it also includes the adventures, rum, sea, fighting, shooting ans freedom.
Pirates don't keep within the law, they are free in their actions. We can go anywhere, attack and rob any merchant ships. We can fight without rules in our own style.
In peaceful times pirates lead their crew to Tortuga - the pirate's town. There we go to the bars, drink rum with our crew and sing a pirate song:

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo-ho-ho and the bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo-ho-ho and the bottle of rum

We have nice traditions. After some bottles of rum we start a fight. Then everyone is participating in this fight. That's normal and happens in every bar.
All in all a pirate's life is full of adventures and events. We're free and independent. The sea is our home. The pirate's codex is our only law. The crew is our family.


Спасибо всем участникам за интересные рассказы! Мы ждем ваших новых историй в апреле и желаем удачи!


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