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My trip to Oxford (Phil Semenov)  20.04.2016 10:14

I am really interested in British culture, history and people. So, I had a good opportunity to compare my previous 3 trips and what I had already known about England with the real life of nowadays. I am grateful to fate, to my parents and teachers, that in March, I went to England.


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It was amazing and immediately struck me. The first days there was introduction, and then I could navigate in Oxford - in the town where we lived. But let me start from the very beginning.

On Thursday, when we arrived, we went to our hotel. The first day I was very tired and, unfortunately, was not capable to do anything. But the very next day we had an Oxford City Tour.

I had a lot of emotions from my Friday's Oxford trip. It was just incredibly exciting to look at the famous University of Oxford, which actually is not a university at all. It is just a community of Oxford colleges so I was really surprised! Also in Oxford I noticed once again a visible difference between the Russian speaking English and the British. And of course it was great to visit the famous ChristChurchCollege hall, where the action of world famous movie about Harry Potter had taken place. It was just incredibly exciting to feel like the hero of this film, which I don't like!


The next day I went to school for the first time. I had the opportunity to see the conditions of teenagers learning English. Children at my school were from lots of different countries. In my group there were one French guy, named Felix, and four Chinese: two girls (Jessica and Lily) and two boys (Peter and Michael, who looked like potatoes).

 My next six days I spent in school, but it was exciting!!

 On Friday, we had an excursion to London.

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 Arriving there, I was absorbed with the emotions! It was amazing: we were riding on the «London Eye», and then went to the Madame Tussaud's` Museum that I wanted to visit. There I had the opportunity to be photographed with wax figures of celebrities, as, for example, Shrek, President Kennedy and etc. and to go to the room of fear ... it wasn’t terrifying, it was dull (very boring)! It wasn't scary at all, but I liked decorations. The museum had many interesting things to see and I recommend you to visit it. In the evening we gladly walked through Trafalgar Square, looked at Buckingham Palace, where we saw Guard Divorce, and I want to add, that the queen was in the castle at that time, as it was raised the state flag on the Palace. I saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and it were absolutely the same, that I saw 2 years ago.

 Sunday was the last day in England. I would stay in England at least another slightly. But, unfortunately, we left on Sunday. That was the last day in this country for our group, so we packed our suitcases, and then me and two girls decided to have a junk food dinner. We went to McDonald’s. It was very funny! I wish I could repeat it again!


Saturday - the day when we went home. On the one hand, it was sad, but, on the other hand, it was glad for me to realize that soon I’m going to come home!

When I came back I had my own impressions, my own personal experience and new image of England, I would like to share with my friends.  I broke my stereotypes about people ones again, cities and life there. In conclusion, I would like to say that I have received a lot of emotions and increased the skill of communicating in English. The trip helped me a lot: I found new friends who I still chatting with. I hope that next year I will visit this wonderful country again!

P.S. If you want to find out more about my trip to England, just ask me!))






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